Day 148 – 8/28/14 – Zero in Stehekin

Day 148
Zero in Stehekin

I slept wonderfully last night.

Today I spent 7 hours at the Stehekin Bakery. And then I ate a delicious steak dinner at The Ranch. The best use of a zero is to relax and refuel and that’s what I did. I also said goodbye to lots of hikers heading back out to the trail. 


I also went to the visitors center where I saw the weather forecast for the next several days. 20 – 40% chance of rain the rest of the hike. Bummer but I don’t really care. It’s been an amazing adventure and nothing is going to ruin that.


Tonight I am camped in the over flow camping area. It just feels right to be in my tent. Sweet dreams!

3 thoughts on “Day 148 – 8/28/14 – Zero in Stehekin

  1. Linda

    Dang Nancy!!! Such beautiful pictures!!!! When you return, you need to create a book or a photo art gallery and sell your work!!!

    You were brought up in conversation yesterday with my sister’s boyfriends dad who has been following your travels. He loves and is so impressed with all you have done. Thank you for sharing! (his name is Marty Munoz. He is also the dad of Carlos’ best friend Larry, who is the God father (and sponsor (confirmation) of Jasmine! It is a small world!)


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