Day 146 – 8/26/14

Day 146
26.1 miles to Cedar Camp
2570.6 total miles

I felt very sluggish this morning. No big surprise after yesterday. When I got to the Suiattle River bridge I sat down and made a mocha. Cold. It tasted great. Hot is nice but not worth the hassle. This bridge is new since 2009. Then I had to cross the river on a downed tree. The bridge adds 5 miles of trail but made for a much less nerve wracking crossing.


The climbs today were much easier than yesterday. Much of the hiking was in the trees. I found some chanterelles and puffballs. But no way to fry them so I left them behind.  At the top we were rewarded with great views.


Once we were in the trees again we walked by many huge old cedars.



Kimchi,  Atlas and I are camped 9.5 miles from the bus to Stehekin.

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