Day 145 – 8/25/14 – Glacier Peak Wilderness

Day 145
31.4 miles
2544.5 total miles
9297ft up / 11700 ft down

Gorgeous sunny day. Exactly what I had hoped for. It’s hard to believe I hiked this in 2009 and saw nothing.


Find the deer


Sunrise at Red Pass







Mica Lake. Ice at the end of August!



We planned for a big day but not this big. The campsite we wanted to camp at was full. There was nothing for 3miles. And it was steep downhill with overgrown sections, washed out sections and lots of blowdowns.  In the dark. Not fast. At one point Atlas said “I’m glad you’re here.” My feelings exactly. By myself it would have been a bit scary. Together it was an adventure.  We got to camp at 9:30.  Oh well. It puts us closer to Stehekin. 

4 thoughts on “Day 145 – 8/25/14 – Glacier Peak Wilderness

  1. Daniel Howard-Snyder

    This photos are astonishingly beautiful. Thanks! Sorry to have missed you this year. We’ve been slammed with work, and school isn’t even in session! You came through so early. Geez, you’ve been moving fast.

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