Day 142 – 8/22/14 – Zero in Sultan

Day 142
Zero in Baring and Sultan, WA

My friend Dave came to visit and drove Atlas, Kimchi and I to a motel in the town of Sultan… because the hotel in Skykomish was full. WiFi!  I got my blog all up to date. Yay!

Tomorrow it’s back to the trail for the 104 miles to Stehekin,  hopefully a zero there, and then 89 miles to Manning Park,  Canada. WOW! Almost done. I’m at that point where I’m ready to be done but I never want this to end. At least that is how I feel when the weather is great.

I will have no more cell coverage or Internet until Canada. There is a phone at Stehekin which I might be able to call from but no blog updates.

So Way gave Atlas a stove and pot today. We plan on slowing down. Hot drinks and food might help. Decadent!

1 thought on “Day 142 – 8/22/14 – Zero in Sultan

  1. Rob Ueltzen

    Love your photos. Things have been eventful here for me, but not in a good way so your hiking blog is a nice diversion.


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