Day 141 – 8/21/14 – Stevens Pass

Day 141
27.4 miles to Stevens Pass
2476 total miles

I got to cross paths with my friends from the Appalachian Trail,  M80, Trooper and Willow the Wonder Dog. We stopped and talked for a good long while and then we had to part. Hopefully I will see them at PCT Days September 5, 6 and 7.

Many long miles and we got to Stevens Pass at 6:30.






Sketchy Crossing


The hitch seemed to take forever but we are now at the Dinsmores. These trail angels live in Baring, 20 miles from the pass. When I was here in 2009 the foundation for their house was being poured. There have been so many changes and upgrades since 2009.

Lots of hikers are here….. Milk Jug, Ninja Tortoise,  Moving, Borealis,  SheepDog, InsideOut, Pip, Juicy, Safety and more.

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