Day 132 – 8/12/14

Day 132
20.8 miles
2278.8 total miles

I met Scott Williamson hiking sobo. He is trying to break the unsupported speed record (60 days) which he has owned several times. And he stopped to talk to me. He is known for chatting with all the hikers he crosses paths with. Very cool.



There were way too many flies and mosquitos.  I was ahead of Atlas and wanted to stop and wait for him but the flying insects wouldn’t allow it.



Goat Rocks


I finally stopped to wait a mile before I got to Cispus Pass just as it started to rain. It had been thundering for awhile and then it started to dump. I found a lump of trees and pitched my tent under them.  First time I’ve ever had to do that in pouring rain. It hailed too before I got it up. That was about 2pm. It rained really hard for about 90 minutes. Pretty exciting thunder and lightening too. It’s still raining and it’s 4pm. Looks like I’ll be here for the night. I’m hidden from the trail so Atlas will never find me. Not the best campsite but it should work.

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