Day 131 – 8/11/14 – Mt Adams Wilderness

Day 131
20.4 miles to Lava Spring
2257.9 total miles

It took awhile to get a ride out of town…


I am now in the good part of Washington.  It should keep getting better and better. 

I hiked with Atlas all day and am now camped with him.  We hiked near Mt Adams much of the day. I took a bazillion photos of it. We walked thru a huge burn area that happened after 2009. That did allow lots more views of the mountain. And the wild flowers were in full bloom. Unfortunately the flies were out in force and would swarm us if we stopped. So we didn’t stop much.




We met up with Salty and Dave. Most people have trouble jumping in with a thruhiker for a section. Not Dave. He ran a trail marathon last week near Bend. He is keeping up just fine.



It was good weather today. Hope it lasts.

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