Day 133 – 8/13/14 – On Trail Zero

Day 133
On trail zero
Still at 2278.8 total miles

All night I listened to rain drops hitting my tent. I kept thinking about what 2 hikers told me in 2009. They went across the Knife’s Edge the day after I did. It was storming and they said it was the worst day of their lives! Some of the reasons I wanted to rehike Washington were to see goats on Goat Rocks, see Rainer from the Knife’s Edge,  and have great visibility on this day.

When I checked the weather report in Trout Lake it said the weather tomorrow should be much better than today. So I decided to take an on trail zero. At the start of the day I had 1 liter of water and some extra food.

By the middle of the day it was still foggy but wasn’t raining and I decided this was a stupid idea. But it was too late to hike all the way to White Pass so I stayed put.

Kind of a boring day and not much of a view from my tent.


View from my tent

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