Day 129 – 8/9/14

Day 129
32.9 miles
2227.4 total miles

The tree walking was broken up with some great views of Mt Hood, Mt Adams and Mt St Helens.  


Mt Hood


Mt Adams

I met a new to me nobo hiker, Twinkle Toes, from Fresno. I also stopped and chatted with BloodyMary, from San Jose and  hiking south. Her blog is

I am camped with Ninja Turtle tonight. 10 miles to the road to Trout Lake.

1 thought on “Day 129 – 8/9/14

  1. Ann Urick

    hi Nancy – I hiked with Tahoe Mike in 2009 and I know he mentioned hiking with some women for his Oregon section and I wondered if it was you. I have been following your journal and reliving my own hike which I completed in 2012, sections I had to finish that I road walked in 2008 due to fire closures. Anyway, you will be finishing pretty early so best of luck. I am contemplating doing a thru hike next year – just because I love the trail too. Wondering what shoes you are using – I see them in all your pictures. I have running shoes that I will hopefully use but wondering what you have – they always look in such good shape. Best of luck on the rest of your hike. I have been hiking the trail again thru you. I was able to hike with Blue Butterfly this year from Warner Springs to Aqua Dulce and just loved it. Guardian Angel


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