Day 130 – 8/10/14 – Trout Lake

Day 130
Trout Lake
10.2 miles
2237.5 total miles

It was an easy walk to the road. I got the first car to stop. It was packed full so no room for me. A couple minutes later the same car came back with the front passenger seat empty. The mom had squished in the back seat with the 5 year old daughter, car seat and cooler. Awesome!

First stop was the restaurant. I had breakfast with Lenka (now Mermaid), Hardway and Ninja Tortoise. Next was the grocery store… the friendliest place on earth.  My resupply box was there. Mermaid, Hardway and I got a room over the store… $25 split 3 ways, 3 single beds.

Later in the day Atlas showed up!  It was so awesome to see him again. I last saw him in Etna.

I’ve been driving myself crazy with the weather forecast.  Thunderstorms are predicted and this next section is beautiful. I want to see it. Leaving right away would have been the best for weather. But waiting for Atlas was the best for so many other more important reasons.


1st beer. Thanks S' Rocket.


Next beer. Thanks S'Rocket.

5 thoughts on “Day 130 – 8/10/14 – Trout Lake

  1. sandra Baker

    Greetings. My husband, daughter and I met you when you were on your way to Greensprings Inn for your free beer. You had just been in Ashland OR. I went to the beginning of your trip and read it all. I wanted you to know that I am astounded at the quality of your photos. Sure, how can you miss with those views, but you have a wonderful eye for design. You didn’t just snap randomly. Your camera must be pretty good. They all have a clear, crisp quality. Sandra


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