Day 119 – 7/30/14 Timothy Lake

Day 119
31.4 miles hiked to Olallie Lake
30.9 miles skipped to Timothy Lake
2084.5 total miles

Mt Jefferson Park was stunning. I’m so glad I didn’t miss it.






We got to walk across quite a few snow fields which were fun…. meaning the snow was the perfect softness.



We met Joe McConaughy,  Stringbean, who was on his 43rd day on the PCT starting at the Mexican border. That is flying and has him on pace to shatter the supported record of 59 days.

I hiked much of the day with Bigfoot. I saw Maniac and Twig. Met Mountain Goat, FancyPants, and Timberline John.

I rushed to Olallie Lake Resort to get a beer before their closing time of dusk. I made it and was immediately told that a plumbing truck was driving hikers around the burn. I thought it was for tomorrow and then 10 minutes later and 2 sips into my beer the truck was there. Without much time to think or question I got on the truck. I played the age card a bit and was able to sit in front. The other 5 hikers sat in the back of a UHaul type truck with plumbing supplies, dust and exhaust. Once it got going I realized it was driving us around the old 35 mile detour not the new revised 15 mile one. But it was done. We got out at Timothy Lake in the dark, walked over to the PCT and camped at the first flat spot. I cowboy camped because there was a breeze and no bugs. I will get to Timberline Lodge tomorrow.  The biggest benefit of skipping is that I can get to Cascade Locks and finish Oregon before my family reunion.

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