Day 120 – 7/31/14 – Timberline Lodge

Day 120
23.2 miles to Timberline Lodge
2107.7 total miles

Today’s hike was mostly in the trees with a few views of Mt Hood. Finally the trail was in the open on the flanks of Mt Hood and then I arrived at the wonderful Timberline Lodge. 



I took a sink bath in the building below the lodge. I saw the French couple, Sugar Babel and Yet I Boy for the first time since Donner Lake.

We hung out at Timberline Lodge drinking beers and soaking in the view.


Bigfoot, Twigg, and Mountain Goat

A guy gave 4 of us thruhikers $20 each for dinner or breakfast….. said he enjoyed our stories.


Our benefactors

Bigfoot, MountainGoat and I watched the sunset while eating our backpacking dinners on the front deck. We are now camped above the lodge in the trees.  Breakfast buffet tomorrow!




I tried to talk Grasshopper into staying another night. But she had to get back to California.

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