Day 121 – 8/1/14

Day 121
21.4 miles to Lost Lake trail
2129.1 total miles

I got up early enough to watch the sunrise. We had a better view from our camp than the lodge.



I had the buffet breakfast with Bigfoot, Mountain Goat, Salty, Johnny Rocket, Miles, Maniac and Will. Yum. Then back to the trail after some digestion time.


Scariest water crossing ever across the Sandy River.  I was wet up to my waist and couldn’t move. I finally got across. Later Bigfoot said he went down stream and found a log. Next was Ramona Falls…..


Then there was a sketchy double log crossing across Muddy Fork.

I am now camped on the ridge at the trail junction to Lost Lake. Bigfoot joined me after I was in my tent.


2 thoughts on “Day 121 – 8/1/14

  1. runandsewquilts

    I’m glad you said the Muddy Fork crossing is “sketchy”. From the other direction, it is worse and we always get in the stream to cross. Loving your blog!


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