Day 80 – 6/21/14 – Zero in Sierra City

Day 80
Zero in Sierra City

Slept in, ate, walked around town, ate and ate some more. This weekend was the 150 anniversary of Sierra City. Talked to 90 year old C.K. Smith whose father was born in Sierra City. He and his wife have been married 67 years. He was on a hunting trip years ago when his hunting partner found a 26 ounce gold nugget. I’m going to start looking on the trail for one of those!


Mr & Mrs C K Smith and me

Later in the day Atlas and I walked back to the store and found Ghost and Turkey Feather.


Turkey Feather, Ghost, Rei, and Atlas

We brought them back to the house where Dean cooked us up an amazing feast. I think I’ve gained weight this week. That is a very good thing.

1 thought on “Day 80 – 6/21/14 – Zero in Sierra City

  1. Anna Oliver

    Hi Nancy,
    I am going to drive up to find you on the trail Tues June 24 at Bucks Lake. Steve mentioned that I let you know as you may be on a different schedule from the original print out. Anyway Im going to take a chance & try to find you & maybe i will get lucky & find you;). it will be an adventure & a beautiful drive no matter what. I’m going to be on the look out for you at Bucks Lake & leaving earlier in the AM from Oroville at 7AM or sooner & will be there @ 9 AM or earlier. I will look at general store/ marina first & then hike around keeping a look out for you. I will be with a friend who knows the area well & will be driving a blue/ grey Toyota Tundra pick up truck. Happy trails, Anna


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