Day 79 – 6/20/14 – Sierra City

Day 79 – 6/20/14
16.2 miles to Sierra City
1197.5 total miles

Mostly downhill so the miles went by quickly.


I got to Sierra City by noon. There were about 20 hikers here. More hikers in one place since Lone Pine when we were sitting out a storm.  I got to visit with Not A Chance who I know from 2009. She is now hiking the pct for the 4th time! She started 20 days after me. Most of the hikers were new to me so it was nice to meet new people. I spent the afternoon on the porch of the store. WiFi and hiker trash. Doesn’t get much better. But what I really wanted to do was lay down and take a nap.


Not A Chance and me



Everyone loves wifi

I had the best burger ever at the store….. 1/2 lb with bacon and everything good. No problem finishing it.

My brother, Steve, met me around 5. He has friends with a house right in town. As planned Atlas showed up. We had 500 miles to catch up on. Dean cooked us an awesome dinner. Then sleep…..

1 thought on “Day 79 – 6/20/14 – Sierra City

  1. Brenda Rogers

    We have a missing family member may be on the pct from Pollock Pines California near Tahoe headed towards Oregon and Canada. here is a link to his flier from the sheriff dept. please Keep your eyes open. His name is Vernon Cody Matthews missing since June 6, 2014


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