Day 78 – 6/19/14 – Back to Hiking

Day 78 – 6/19/14 –
25.8 miles Hwy 40 to Mules Ear Creek trail
1181.3 total miles

Ate another huge breakfast at the buffet and then it was back to the trail. The trail climbs immediately and looks down on Donner Lake. In 1989 I swam the length of this lake…. 2.7 miles. Sure couldn’t do that now.


It felt wonderful to be walking again so I just kept going.


Sierra Buttes in the distance



I was just starting to look for a place to camp when I saw Milkjug already camped. I joined him. So my first day walking alone and I’m not camping alone. I first met Milkjug back at Paradise Cafe and last saw him in Lone Pine.  So many ways to get to the same place at the same time.

Unfortunately Milkjug isn’t enjoying his hike anymore. “It’s just rocks and trees.” So happy that’s not my mindset.

Quote from a few days ago…. we were walking to Hwy 40 where Ray and Tahoe Mike were meeting us. My friend Dave asked “Why are we in such a hurry?” My answer…. “so we can relax.” Makes perfect sense.

1 thought on “Day 78 – 6/19/14 – Back to Hiking

  1. Kyle Sonnabend-Liberty

    Hi Nancyhikes!! I met you on the trail between the two Donner Passes on the 19th. I’m Kyle or Kylee from Washington state, a thru-hiker want-a-be. I am following your blog now; it’s wonderful! And with Gorgeous photos!!


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