Day 45

Day 45
14.3 miles
716.5 total miles

We ate breakfast at Grumpy’s which is under new management. The owner picked 5 of us up and drove us to the restaurant. They are still in transition phase there but it was good.

Atlas left before the rest of us. He is hiking to Lone Pine in 2 days compared to our 3. Then he’s going back to Berkeley for his girl friend’s graduation. A doctorate in cell biology. Impressive. We all hope he catches back up to us.

We started hiking late morning and have finally left the last cactus behind. We could see snow capped peaks today.



We are camped in a great campsite next to the bridge over the South Fork of the Kern River.


We walked through yet another burn area today. Not much regrowth even though I think the fire was in 2008. I didn’t take many photos today.

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