Day 44 – Kennedy Meadows

Day 44 – Kennedy Meadows
15 miles
702.2 total miles

Another beautiful morning…


Fire creates some interesting shapes


We crossed the 700 mile mark.



As soon as we got to Kennedy Meadows Store the talk started. Storm coming in. Is an ice axe necessary? Microspikes – do we need them? The weather forecast says 20-30% chance of rain/snow in a couple of days. That’s near Mt Whitney where we are headed. We got our boxes…. bear canisters,  6 days of food, warmer clothes, microspikes…. a big pile and heavy. We made a quick change of plans. Ghost Angel’s husband was here with a car. He could take half our stuff to Lone Pine. This cuts our next section in half and let’s us avoid the bad weather.  A big thanks to him.

Friday night at KM Store. Happy hour… discounted beer plus a free spread of hot dogs and veggies. Showers, laundry. We are a bunch of happy hikers.

Lots of hikers are here. Nick from England who I met last year on the Appalachian Trail. He started April 18th! 15 days after us.

10 thoughts on “Day 44 – Kennedy Meadows

  1. TarpMan

    Hi, WhyNot?!? BREAKING NEWS: MtnMike has just been selected as one of the Record Searchlight’s 30 Health Care Heroes in the (what else) category of Dentist! “Way Cool” comes to mind. 🙂 Hopefully, we BOTH will be able to see you at Soda Springs in the Crags and at Bingham! At the rate you’re pounding out the miles, that’ll be in the not too distant future!


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