Day 17 – Zero in Big Bear

Day 17 Zero in Big Bear
0 miles

Our hiking buddy Willow left the trail today. We will miss her.


My AT buddies F.I.G., Wrangler and Stripe moved on to their next adventure also.


Me (wearing loaner clothes), Stripe, Wrangler and F.I.G.

I bought a new phone today. My old one just wasn’t cutting it any more. The GPS didn’t work.  And the space and return key would only work in landscape mode. Plus it kept locking up. Now, with the gps, I can actually use some great PCT specific apps. Halfmile’ app let’s me know exactly what mile I am at. Or if I’m not on the trail it tells me how far off and in what direction. No excuses for getting lost. PCT HYOH app is great for saving the latest water report and tons more, like weather forcasts. Guthook PCT app shows my exact location on the map plus some great elevation profiles. The trail is well marked but these apps help with the occasional confusing places.

I spent most of the day loading up the phone with all the stuff I had on the old phone. Luckily for me Astro also has an android phone and more importantly he is in his twenties so I had someone to ask when my phone asked me things I couldn’t figure out.

Back to the trail tomorrow.

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