Day 18

Day 18
20.5 miles
286.5 total miles

Said goodbye to Sarge at the hostel.


Just a beautiful, easy cruisy day. The miles flew by until I started talking to southbounders.


First I ran into Brian that I met on the JMT in 2011.  I talked to him for quite awhile. Then 2 ultra runners stopped to talk. We had a nice discussion of how sad it is that so few people actually get into the mountains. Even when they live close. Next was a young couple who had come out to backpack for 2 days. They were going home because they ran out of water and couldn’t find any. They were almost back to their car but I gave them a half liter. I also told them about the PCT water report so they could try again.

I met some new-to-me hikers today. Williwaw,  Arizona and Me Too. Also saw Dee and Paul again.



The day was full of views and huge juniper and ponderosa pines.


Near the end of the day we walked thru an area burned in 2007. There is still very little regrowth.

We are now cowboy camping next to a stream at a very idyllic site. We got here early enough to enjoy it too. Good night.




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