Day 16 – Big Bear

Day 16
13 miles
266 total miles

Got super lucky with the hitch into town. 5 minutes with our thumbs out and then everything changed. A van pulled over. They could take 2 part of the way. Day hikers across the hwy just got to their car and yelled to ask us if we wanted a beer before the ride. Then a truck with a camper made a u-turn and said “Are you Why Not? We are here to take you to the hostel.” They are Honey and Bear, trail angels from Andover, Maine. I didn’t stay with them last year but I did meet them in Damascus, Virginia. They are out here on a road trip, visiting family and will go to kickoff. They find trailheads where ever they go and help out hikers. Astro, Spirit, and Grasshopper were ahead of us and got a ride the 9 miles in to town. When Honey and Bear heard that the other 4 of our group was not far behind, they drove back out to the trailhead and found us. Stuff like this is what makes the trail so special.  And so worth hiking again.

We are now at the hostel in Big Bear Lake.






3 thoughts on “Day 16 – Big Bear

  1. Sandy Price

    I stayed with Honey and Bear on the AT in 2005. I was hurting from what turned out to be stress fractures in my back. She took me to a great and cheap massage therapist. Sleeveless AT’05


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