PNT Day 35. DEVIL’S DOME – VIEWS FOR MILES. August 12, 2019

21 miles
3691 ft elevation gain
6887 ft elevation loss
Devil’s Creek CG on Ross Lake
PNT Mile 718

My poor knees. That is way too much downhill. And the last 6 miles of the day accounted for 5200 ft of that elevation loss.

After leaving the well maintained PCT I soon got to the camp of a
PNTA trail crew led by Kat. It was really nice to be able to thank them in person for all the work they do to make it easier for us hikers. She warned me that the next several miles had some big trees down that they were going to cut today. Some of the worst areas were flagged to make it easier to refind the trail after going around multiple downed trees. That helped a lot.

It was cloudy again this morning and then cleared in time to see expansive views after Sky Pilot Pass.

Devil’s Dome has to be the best lunch spot yet on the PNT. Perfect temperature and spectacular views in every direction. And so appreciated after yesterday’s whiteout.

180° from the last photo.

Perfect lunch spot

From the top I had some nice ridge walking and then that long 5200 foot descent to camp.

8 thoughts on “PNT Day 35. DEVIL’S DOME – VIEWS FOR MILES. August 12, 2019

  1. JerryW

    Just a quick post in support of your knees, Nancy .. I have exactly the same trouble as you: uphill is fine, but long downhills are hard on the joints. Walking poles help, but they are not the complete answer .. apart from not ageing, I’m not sure there is one! Take it steady.. I’m much enjoying the scenery thereabouts 🙂

  2. David

    I think some of the most tiring days are the days with big drops. Nice pics, thanks for sharing with all of us at home.

  3. Lucy Grittman

    Sorry to hear you are having knee problems – downhill is certainly the toughest!! Love your beautiful pictures and glad you are having some good weather so your views are beautiful!!L


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