PNT DAY 34. PASAYTEN #5 – RAINY PCT.  August 11, 2019.

17 miles
Holman Pass
PNT Mile 700

We survived! A tree didn’t come crashing down on us overnight.

The inReach satellite communicator I carry has a feature to check for weather forecasts. Today showed 10% chance of rain with a sun peeking out from a cloud. Wrong!

The blowdowns were easier this morning but there were still a lot of them on the way up to Frosty Pass.

I saw a bear way up on the hillside above the trail. I’m sure he was eating huckleberries as was I.

It was cloudy this morning with times it seemed the sun might break out. But by the time I got to the top of Frosty Pass it was foggy. The rest of the day was drizzling rain and very low clouds blocking out almost all views.

Frosty Pass

After Frosty Pass the PNT joins the PCT at Cascade Pass and heads south on the same trail for 13 miles. I have been looking forward to these miles for a long time. In 2009 I had perfect weather. In 2014 the far views were blocked by clouds. This time I could see nothing but the trail.

Mt Baker, where are you?

Finally it cleared up some.

My brain was flooded by so many memories of my final days after 5 months of being on the PCT those 2 years. Of course I had to stop and chat with every hiker heading north. All those I met that started at the Mexican border this year had skipped the Sierra and it’s record snowfall. They were going back to finish it after hitting Canada. Others were finishing after hiking sections over several years. Others were finishing big sections of Washington or both Oregon and Washington. I enjoyed talking to each one.

I’m camped with Emma and Chris at Holman Pass where the PNT and PCT part ways. It’s also the 700 mile mark for the PNT. Emma and Chris made a fire. I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated one more. After being in the wet all day it was wonderful to dry out and warm up. Thanks to Emma and Chris I even had hot tea and a hot dinner! My days of going stoveless may be over!

That fire also wiped out any disappointment with the weather today. I’ll come back another year to rehike it. Of all the parts of the PNT this is relatively easy to get to.

3 thoughts on “PNT DAY 34. PASAYTEN #5 – RAINY PCT.  August 11, 2019.

  1. Warren

    You are indeed one tough cookie if you are stoveless! I’ve tried it and I couldn’t take it. And I’m not a thru hiker. Just tried it for a short period, 3 to 5 days and hated it. I cook just in the evening and that isn’t really cooking as simply I boil and rehydrate. But it sure breaks up the dry food monotony. A hot meal near bed time also helps keep you warm a little longer or at least that is what I think.

    The picture above “Finally it cleared up some.” is just gorgeous.


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