PNT DAY 32. Beyond Bunker Hill.  August 9, 2019.

22 miles
4460 ft elevation gain
Camp near a creek just after Bunker Hill
PNT Waypoint 666

I felt great today. I also felt really lucky. Trail crews have been clearing the trail of downed trees all summer. Today was mostly clear trail. Cairns marked the obscure portions. I walked across miles and miles of open meadows with expansive views.

Gotta love that morning light.

It was cloudy all day. In the afternoon it started raining. At times it was real heavy rain. It even hailed. I waited under trees and my umbrella for the worst of it. There wasn’t much wind so my umbrella was perfect. Luckily the rain stopped enough so we could get thru the burn area to an area suitable for camping. Plus a creek is nearby.

The top of Bunker Hill is just to the right.

After the top it was just a short hike into the trees and camp.

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