PNT DAY 29. ZERO IN OROVILLE. August 6, 2019.

I met a total of 8 new-to-me other PNT hikers in town. WOW! I guess I’ve caught up to the herd. Last night 8 of us met for beer and pizza. That was fun.

The Brits and I have a taxi scheduled for tomorrow at 6:30am to take us to the end of the pavement. About 20 miles. That shortens this longest stretch of the the PNT to a little more manageable distance. Without the ride it’s 158 miles to Ross Lake Resort, our next resupply. That’s 7 days of food. Ugh, my pack is heavy.

We will be entering into the Ross Lake Recreation Area and North Cascades National Park. We had to phone for permits for specific campsites 6 – 9 days from here. That’s really hard to predict. I was able to get mostly what we asked for. I won’t have phone or Internet service for about 12 days. So no blog updates for awhile.

It’s time to hike! This is one of the more special, wild and beautiful sections of the PNT, the Pasayten Wilderness and beyond. I’m excited.

This is what my pack looks like with 7 days of food. I’ve carried this much a few times before. Never more.

5 thoughts on “PNT DAY 29. ZERO IN OROVILLE. August 6, 2019.

  1. Warren

    Nancy, your gear is very low in volume apparently because your pack doesn’t really look all that overloaded. I have that pack myself in green. Of course I will take your word for it, nobody I know likes a heavy pack. Always nice to eat your way to a lighter pack. Good luck in that!

  2. Susan Alcorn, author

    Difficult making reservations when you have no reception– good thing you plan ahead! Enjoy the N. Cascades– is it looking like fall yet?


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