PNT DAY 28. THE BIG SKIP. August 5, 2019.

Miles hiked: 6 to Sherman Pass
Miles skipped PNT460 to PNT580
Oroville, WA

View from my tent this morning

I wanted to see elk in this Meadow. Nope.

It was an easy, mostly downhill hike to highway 20. I waited 8 minutes before the first car came by and it didn’t stop.

But a half hour later Lola stopped and took the 3 of us 20 miles into the town of Republic. We went right to the Knotty Pine for breakfast. We discussed the next section which looked to be hot and dry with lots more road walking. No thanks.

Republic, WA

Jeremy was sitting at the table next to us and he could tell we were hikers. Maybe it was the smell. After talking to him for awhile we asked if he would be willing to drive us the 57 miles to Oroville. Of course we would pay. He said yes!

So now we are checked into the Camaray Motel in Oroville. Good thing we called ahead because by the time we got here they were full. The closest other motel is 10 miles north. In Canada! The owners love PNT hikers and we love them! Discount and free laundry. Plus in the laundry room there was a spray bottle of OxyClean. My light grey pants have never gotten clean since the major log hopping on Parker Ridge. Most of the stains are now gone. I look a bit less homeless.

The Pastime Brewery was a great place to celebrate our successful skip. We are now at the PNT half way point.

6 thoughts on “PNT DAY 28. THE BIG SKIP. August 5, 2019.

  1. Lauren S.

    Only halfway through? I looked up Caraway on the map and it seemed like you were so close! My dad used to live up in Leavenworth. Such beautiful country up there!

  2. Warren

    Glad you three ditched the road walk. I’m glad that they welcome “Trail Hiikers” at the Camaray Motel; emphasis on the “ii’s” they make.


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