PNT DAY 21. Metaline Falls, WA. July 29, 2019.

8.2 miles + hitch
PNT Mile 347

I slept well til 7am. I had a 4.2 mile walk along Sullivan Lake and then all road into the town of Metaline Falls. The guidebook describes the last 2 miles on the highway as one of the most dangerous on the PNT. No thanks.

I was mentally prepared to get a ride as soon as I hit pavement. But it was another 4 miles before the first car came by. Blair and Allison picked me up and my day immediately improved. They had been out for an early morning paddle on the lake. Allison lives in Metaline Falls and works at the Farm House Cafe owned by her mother. Blair lives in Northport which is the next trail town.

I checked into the Washington Hotel. It’s a great old hotel. Every room is a little different. Bathrooms are down the hall. Instead of just a hiker box there’s a whole hiker room. The cafe is next door and I ate a great breakfast there. Chris and Emma got to town around noon and later we had beer then dinner together.

My body and clothes are clean and I’m well fed. And I have all day tomorrow to spend here. This is the perfect place for a zero.

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