PNT DAY 19. Yay! A Flat Day. July 27, 2019

21 miles
Jackson Creek
PNT Mile 309A

I slept well in the cedar forest.
I took the road walk alternate because it was flat and shorter. I made that 2 miles shorter by getting a ride from Kayla and Zack.

The next 8.5 miles was a sweet and flat trail next to Upper Priest Lake. It is Saturday so lots of people were out enjoying the day. There are multiple campsites one can boat or walk to. My lunch spot was right on the lake. I thought about going for a swim but it was windy and I knew I would be cold.

The end of the day was another road walk and I was able to get a 2 mile hitch in the back of a pickup.

Jackson Meadows

I’m now camped with Chris and Emma in another gorgeous old growth cedar grove. 2 nights in a row. What a treat.

Tomorrow is another monster climb with some downed trees. Today almost felt like a rest day so hopefully I’ll feel strong in the morning.

6 thoughts on “PNT DAY 19. Yay! A Flat Day. July 27, 2019

      1. JerryW

        Here they say that 20% of all the wood in a properly managed forest should be dead wood… 10% standing, 10% fallen. Forests that don’t have that are not healthy. More species live off dead wood than living wood

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