PNT DAY 15. Nero at Feist Creek Falls Resort, IDAHO.   July 23, 2019

6 miles
3100 ft elevation gain
PNT Mile 236

I slept well. All nice and clean and perfect sleeping temperature. I got up early partly because now that I am in Idaho I’m on Pacific Time instead of Mountain Time.

The restaurant is closed today. But Cliff showed me around the kitchen and walk-in refrigerator and said help yourself to breakfast. Later I made a potato, pepper and tomato scramble. I’ve been eating granola with nut butter every morning. It was a nice change.

Later Alice who works here did my laundry. I packed up all my food. I planned on a later start time after yesterday’s effort. But it’s really HOT and the first 5 miles climb 3100 ft. There’s no water for 10 miles. Finally I left at 5pm and climbed to the top of Bussard Mtn 5900 ft. It was shaded and had lots of switchbacks. Plus there were ripe huckleberries.

There’s a cement block shelter on top and as reported by others it’s full of garbage. It would have to be an awful storm to make me want to sleep in it. The only suitable campsite was a bit lower in the trees with no view. So much for sleeping on top of a mountain.

8 thoughts on “PNT DAY 15. Nero at Feist Creek Falls Resort, IDAHO.   July 23, 2019

  1. JerryW

    Well, I was going to say, 6 miles, call that a walk?! .. but you did 22 miles the day before, so I reckon, fair enough 🙂
    Cliff sounds like a *really* nice guy
    What does a huckleberry look like? Sort of like a blackberry?

  2. JerryW

    Ah yes, gotcha .. what we in England would call a bilberry. Here, blueberries are just the commercial species, larger but bland by comparison. I have happy memories of stuffing myself on bilberries when a child, in Yorkshire..


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