GDT Day 34. August 8, 2018. Zero in Jasper.

Today was slightly less smoky than yesterday. There are no fires in the direction we are headed. So our thru hike will continue.

Last night we ate at Earl’s Restaurant. I ate 2 dinners. We went back for a 2nd breakfast at 11am. And then I had a 3rd and 4th of the same thing. I did get the 4th as a takeaway. I think now I am fully recharged. Avocado toast plus egg. I can’t believe I ate 6 eggs today.

We made our Canada exit plans today. We should finish at Mt Robson on August 12th. Then a bus, rental car, bus and train should get me to Seattle in time for my niece’s birthday.

We are staying at the Jasper Downtown Hostel. Sleeping in a room with 8 people is a challenge. Luckily I am a pretty good sleeper.

Outside the hostel I met this man from South of London. He and his wife are riding from Jasper to Mexico and and planning on taking 3 months. Everything on the bike looks brand spanking new.

5 thoughts on “GDT Day 34. August 8, 2018. Zero in Jasper.

  1. bkeill

    Where do you put all that food??? You are so slender, your tummy can’t extend that much….or can it? Have so enjoyed your adventure and the scenery was completely amazing. We will connect when Gary and I get back from Europe.

  2. Sally

    Wonderful trip Nancy!!!!
    I’ve enjoyed following you and Christy and I hope to meet you someday. We don’t live that far from one another!


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