GDT Day 33. August 7, 2018. And Then the Smoke Came.

26.7 km Curator Campsite to the end of the Skyline Trail.

837.7 km… Total GDT mileage at Jasper

We got going early. The sky looked different. It soon became apparent that it was smoke. It got worse and worse as we hiked. We only saw 2 others at one of the campsites. I thought this was supposed to be a crowded trail!? I’m not complaining.

Curator Lake. The pass is at the cornice.


Smoke filtered sunrise.



Moonscape walking. We should be seeing mountains. We see smoke.





The last 8km was on a gravel road. In the trees. Definitely “just get it done” type of hiking. We got to the parking lot and struck gold. We met a couple checking out hiking options. In a few days he is starting the Great Divide Mountain Bike Ride from Banff to Jasper. They rearranged their car (with a bike inside) and drove out of their way to take us to Jasper. Huge thanks.

This section took us 7 days instead of 6. We knew that it would be an extra day since the start of the 6 Passes Alternate. So I’ve been rationing my food. Today it hit me. I am starving. I have no reserves.

A “we made it” toast. Lots of food is coming.

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