GDT Day 14. July 19, 2018. Big Springs

24.1 km Campsite before Palliser Lake to Big Springs Backcountry Campground

We woke to beautiful blue skies and walked back into Alberta and Banff National Park.


We got to see a moose, Mama and baby.

Rockin gets ready to video the moose.

We crossed paths with 2 biologists working for parks Canada. They are testing creek water temperature and it’s effect on fish.

Most mornings we awake to lots of condensation. As soon as we find a sunny dry spot we explode our packs and dry out everything.


Lunch on a bridge



A sign that we are entering a very high bear area. Like we didn’t need a reminder to be bear aware. Interesting that we didn’t see any bear scat in this area.

We are now camped at our first reserved campsite. Big Springs. In the National Parks and some Provincial Parks reservations are required and the popular sites for up early. I started trying to make reservations June 1st. Way too late.

Having a reservation sometimes means stopping early. Look at all that sunshine.

I walked about 200 meters up to the Big Springs. It really is big and just gushes out of the side of the mountain.

3 thoughts on “GDT Day 14. July 19, 2018. Big Springs

  1. jerrywh

    Was that a good water source, Big Springs? In the Pyrenees & Alps all the best water comes straight out of the ground, icy cold and no filtering needed ..


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