GDT Day 13. July 18 2018. What the Hail?

31.5 km Elk Pass to campsite before Palliser Pass

Leslie helped us out again. She arranged her hiking day to include shuttling us back to the trail. It wouldn’t have been an easy hitch. We needed every minute today and didn’t stop walking until 9pm. Huge thanks.

Upper Kananaskis Lake

We passed 2 Backcountry campsites, Forks and Turbine. They were nice. Toilets, picnic tables, tent pads, bear lockers and food hanging poles. Both sites required reservations. We passed them way too early to stop.

Look at that nice trail!


One of many lakes we passed today.


Mt Beatty near the top.

We heard thunder on the way up North Kananaskis Pass. On top one female elk looked at us and moved on down the other side.

North Kananaskis Pass

The descent was very steep slow. Lucky for us the rain and hail didn’t start until we had crossed Leroy Creek.

Leroy Creek Ford.

We both huddled under my umbrella for the hail storm. This area hasn’t been cleared in quite sometime so it was slow going wet bush whacking most of the way up Palliser Pass.

When we were almost to our intended campsite it was drier. Apparently it hasn’t rained as recently up here. It was 9pm but
we couldn’t have quit any earlier. There was nothing flat. It was still light at 10:30!

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