AZT Day 20. I’m a Purist. October 24, 2016.

AZT Day 20. I’m a Purist. October 24, 2016.

4.5 miles
Double Springs CG mile 258.4 to Navajo Springs and side trail to  Mormon Lake Lodge (mile 262.9)
Total miles: 223.6

2 days ago when I was focused on eating steak I decided to exit the trail and walk the road 2.5 miles instead of 4.5 miles of trail plus 1 mile of the Navajo Springs Trail to Mormon Lake Lodge. Today I decided I just had to walk those miles. So I did. I met my 2nd AZT hiker, Malvin from Germany. He started in Flagstaff and is hiking for 3 weeks.



Some of the trail was along an old railroad which was used for logging.


Railroad ties are still present

This sign was particularly interesting in that it gave a shopping list for a week. Loggers ate like thruhikers.


This is a multiuser trail….


Navajo Spring was dry today.



Today the population seemed less than 50.

I got my ballot so now I have no excuse not to vote.

There is rain in the forecast for tonight so my timing once again looks perfect. I drove to Pine today. It’s 50 miles and not a straight shot to get there. So hitching would probably be a pain. I called some trail angels from the AZT website and I probably have a ride tomorrow  afternoon.

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