AZT Day 18. The Trail Provides. October 21, 2016

AZT Day 18. The Trail Provides. October 21, 2016

24.8 miles
Mile 233.6  to Double Springs Campground (closed), mile 258.4
Total miles: 219.1


A few days ago another AZT hiker ahead of me messaged me that I could have the water he cached. He gave me detailed descriptions of where to find it. I got to the first place and found a jug. But it said it was for Sequoia.  I had no idea if this was the guy’s trail name. So I sat down and messaged him. While I was waiting for a reply Micah came walking up to his truck. We talked about the AZT and then he said he would go to his trailer just down the road and get me a gallon of water.

By the time he got back I had heard back from Sequoia. That was him and the water was mine. Micah brought me back a can of sockeye salmon and some crackers. It looked delicious. Neither of us had a can opener but I took it anyway. I knew I would get it opened somehow.


As I walked I thought about my options. My little Swiss army knife is way too little and I’m sure I would cut myself trying. Then I thought about my tent stakes and a rock. I’m pretty sure I could get it open with that.

At 11:30 I sat down on the side of the dirt road I had been walking on. I had seen no vehicles and didn’t expect to. I rinsed off two different types of tent stakes. I set the can and stakes down and got out my camera. Just before I snapped the photo I heard a truck coming my way. I quickly moved my stuff completely off the road. 2 men had been out cutting firewood and their truck was full. I asked them if they had a can opener. The driver got out and looked at the can. Then he went back into the truck and returned with a knife. He said “I’m Mexican” and pointed to the knife and can. He doesn’t need a can opener. He gets one of the ultralight life principles…. multi use!



The salmon and crackers were delicious.

When I got close to Mormon Lake I started salivating at the idea of a steak.  I just had to get there. And I did. The steak, potato and beer at the bar was perfect. The shower was pretty divine also.

11 thoughts on “AZT Day 18. The Trail Provides. October 21, 2016

  1. Jill

    I’m enjoying learning about an area I know little about. The pictures are gorgeous……rock and aspens my favs. I sense a peace and rhythm on this trail. Random question I have been meaning to ask ……. when you go stoveless how do you make your Via?


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