AZT Day 17. Sometimes Hitching is a Pain. October 21, 2016.

AZT Day 17. Sometimes Hitching is a Pain. October 21, 2016.

7.9 miles
Butler Rd, Flagstaff, (mile 4.3) back to main AZT (mile 230.6) and to 233.6.
Total miles: 194.3

I looked at the weather forecast. 40% chance of thunder showers on Monday. That should work out perfectly.

I drove to Mormon Lake Lodge which is the next resupply place south of Flagstaff. The lady in the store told me where I could park my car for a few days. I asked her about hitching. She suggested I walk out the opposite way I came in to get back to the highway. After walking 2 miles and having just a couple cars pass me I looked at the map. I don’t think I was very clear when I asked at the store. This was NOT the best way. So I turned around and walked back 2 miles plus one more toward the highway. 2 nice men gave me a ride the other mile to the highway. One car after another passed me. I decided I hate hiching. But then a car stopped and life was great again. It was another great hitch and I learned a bunch about this guy’s tiny house he is building. I was super lucky that he needed to go to a hardware store right where I needed to start walking.


I was back on the FUTS…. Flagstaff Urban Trail System for almost 5 miles and then was back on the main AZT. It feels great to be back out here.


It was short and I walked up.


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