Day 9. Downs, Down and Down. July 31, 2016

6am to 7pm
Iceberg Lake Pass to Trail Lakes Trailhead and Wired’s Car.
18.4 miles

It didn’t rain all night and everything was dry in the morning. Perfect.


Sourdough Glacier, Iceberg Lake and Baker Lake


Climbing up from Iceberg Lake Pass

Yesterday was spectacular and probably my favorite day out here. Today was just about getting out. We had planned on another day but we were all in favor of a shower and a bed.


Of course we had some snow to cross.


Heading to Downs Mountain

Downs Mountain was just a big rockpile and nothing special. Then it was down for 6000 ft.

But first we had No Man’s Pass and Goat Flat to cross. After Goat Flat we joined a trail and then it really was down, down, down to the car and the drive to Dubois.


Looking down the East Torrey Creek exit which we did not take.


View from No Man's Pass. We didn't have to go down this.


Goat Flat. The best was not saved for last.

So the Wind River High Route is complete. I plan on posting a gear list and review within the next week or two. Stay tuned. Thanks for following along.

11 thoughts on “Day 9. Downs, Down and Down. July 31, 2016

  1. Marty Munoz

    Simply awesome. I have been a fan of yours for a couple years, but never commented, my name is Marty Munoz, I am 79 years old, I followed you thru PCT, New Zealand and now Wind River High Route. A friend of mine gave me your address. You are a remarkable women, where do you get all that energy. I live in Lincoln, near Sacramento. Always look forward to reading about your hiking. Have a great day and get some rest. Marty

  2. Lynn Duncan

    Since Erin blogged, I thought it was Goat Float! Maybe her autocorrect, maybe a glitch in my brain while reading, but I was delighted thinking of floating goats, especially after seeing her pictures of the backpacking goats.

    Anyway, as always, enjoyed your take on the experience, and your excellent photos.

    As always, wondering what is next for you..

  3. bkeill

    Hurrah, Nancy! Since you were done on July 31st, the question I must ask is “Where in the World is Nancy now????” So happy you had another great adventure and are on to the next one, I’m sure.

  4. northendtandem

    Hey Nancy – Diana and I have been following every post (including Wired’s and Rockin’s). What an adventure!. We were inspired to purchase your gear and shoes, and have been putting them to use while thinking of your exploits. We just returned from a short section of the JMT (Vermillion to Florence), and have really enjoyed every minute. Thanks so much for the posts and the motivation.

  5. Kevin G

    What was the weather like during your trip? I can find a lot of information on the WRHR, but no one seems to talk about temperature ranges in late July. Thanks!

    1. nancyhikes Post author

      We got extremely lucky with weather. We planned for much worse. We had rain for about one hour on one afternoon. Later that evening we had a couple hour long thunder storm…. thunder, lightening, rain, moderate wind. That started 30 seconds after we got into our tents! That was all the rain we had. I don’t know exact temperatures but it never got real hot or cold. I’m sure it never got below 40 degrees F or above mid 80s, if that. It was very windy on the top of the first peak…. Wind River Peak. I don’t think 9 or 10 consecutive days of weather like we had happens very often. So don’t count on getting what we got. I hope you get to the Winds and have an incredible time no matter what weather you get.


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