Day 1. Into the Winds. July 23, 2016.

9:45am to 6pm.
Worthen Meadows Trailhead to 2 miles short of Wind River Peak.
12.7 miles

The coffee Chinchilla made this morning was the best of the trip. That was followed with banana and strawberry pancakes with maple syrup. They let us take their 2nd car to the trailhead and they would pick it up later. They headed off to a climbing trip and since that started at Big Sandy Trailhead they took our resupply to drop off at the lodge. That made things perfect for us.


And we are off... full of hope for a successful trip.

The amazing thing about the trail were the hikers we met. All women. 9 in total in 4 different groups. It was very fun to talk to them.


Mary, one of the hikers we met, said this was a great book. I want to get it.

Most of today was spent walking in the trees on trail.


Heading to the saddle above Deep Creek Lakes.

Near the end of the day we got above treeline and off trail where we are camped. It was fairly windy earlier but mostly calm now. We are semiprotected from the wind so I’m hoping it doesn’t pick up. And there are no clouds. We spent awhile choosing the best campsite. The Winds can get windy. Duh. We are in a different mountain range and respect the differences.


All in a row, ready for sleep.

I weighed my pack with 3 days of food and one liter of water at Rockin’s house. 22.4 lbs. I made some changes to my pack contents for this hike.  I added an umbrella (8 oz) in anticipation of rain. I swapped out sleeping shirts for a thin fleece which weighed about an ounce more than my merino wool shirt. I also brought along some gorilla gloves for protection from the rocks. I have bear spray and an Ursack for my food. It all adds up.

6 thoughts on “Day 1. Into the Winds. July 23, 2016.

  1. Carrie Hyatt

    Wind River Trails is out of stock right now, but will arrive at your house as soon as it’s available 🙂 Happy trails, my sweet friend!

  2. Gary Keill

    Ashamed to say 20-22 pounds is about what we carried on our recent Yosemite High Sierra Camp “glamping” trip without food, shelter or bear spray. We need a lesson when you get home.

  3. MtnMike

    Those are huge portions based on the size of the Sutter Home…:🙂 Dad (TarpMan) and I are studying the food photos trying to guess your favorites. Would love to talk shop, food, and maybe a little tooth talk when you are in the north state.


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