The Next Adventure: Wind River High Route. July 22, 2016.

We have spent 2 days at Rockin’s house relaxing, eating and getting ready for our next adventure. The Sierra High Route stripped my body of all excess fat and I’ve been trying my best to put it back on. Rockin and Dan have made that task so much easier by having incredibly delicious food available at all hours.


Dan cooked up some awesome tacos


Dan washed Wired's car for us.

I keep saying “I don’t want to leave the Winds looking like a skeleton.”


9 days of food


All packed up.

After 2 days of driving we are in Lander, Wyoming, staying at Chinchilla and Pyrite’s house. They are trail friends of Rockin and Wired’s and just the most awesome couple ever. In a couple weeks they will be leaving on a bike trip riding from Fairbanks back to their home.

Tomorrow we start the Wind River High Route. There are a couple of different routes and we will have some choices to make in the middle. It’s about 100 miles and much of it is off trail. We are all super excited to start this.

We don’t expect to have Internet access until we finish so there won’t be any updates until we exit.

8 thoughts on “The Next Adventure: Wind River High Route. July 22, 2016.

  1. bkeill

    Wow, that sounds like another great hike. I love Wyoming just from our trips to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone. Have fun and we look forward to your report when you are done!

  2. Warren

    Wow, that Dan is the Man! Nice to have a clean car to travel in. Hope you three have plenty of fun, and are safe of course as well!


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