Day 28. Completing the Loop. July 18, 2016.

6am to 11am.  Bearpaw Meadow to Crescent Meadow. 11.4 miles.

I left camp this morning thinking of the beauty of yesterday and of the other 26 days since we left Roads End for the start of the Sierra High Route. Today we would get back to Wired’s car and close the circle. So many things had to go right for this to happen. So many things could have derailed our plans. With a feeling of relief, accomplishment and joy we posed for a finish photo.




And then we hitched back to Wired’s car (well, Wired did the complete hitch while Rockin and I ate and sat in the shade at Grant’s Grove Village) and then drove to Tehachapi and Rockin’s house.


Rockin's husband, Dan, catering to our every need.

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