Day 16. Nancy Pass. July 6, 2016.

11am to 7pm. Reds Meadow to Inconspicuous Saddle past Nancy Pass. 8.5 miles.

I was hoping that Nancy Pass would turn out to be a favorite. It wasn’t.  We probably made the way up harder than it needed to be and did more bush bashing than if we had picked a different route. The way down was very rocky with lots of gullies.





We have another great campsite.


3 thoughts on “Day 16. Nancy Pass. July 6, 2016.

  1. Warren

    I’d seen some talk of Nancy Pass in the other two blogs, but your photo of the monument plaque really made it. A sad story of a girl who only made it to 10 years of age. At least she got to see sheer beauty before her early death. Not all of us are that lucky.

  2. Warren

    I thought of writing something like that but didn’t; thanks for putting it in print. I really need to follow that advice more literally than I do now.


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