Day 15. Zero in Mammoth Lakes. July 5, 2016

Yesterday was the 4th of July. It was ridiculously crowded in Mammoth Lakes. Today was much better. Wired and I didn’t get our resupply boxes so we got to spend the day buying food and reprinting maps. That chore was made so much easier because of the generosity of one of Rockin’s followers. He lent us his car! Later Rockin and I met him and his wife for a drink and dinner.

8 thoughts on “Day 15. Zero in Mammoth Lakes. July 5, 2016

  1. Warren

    It really is amazing the kindness of strangers. Glad you all found a quicker way around your problem and can get on with town life.

  2. Sam

    Hi Nancy, this is Sam Hunt, Karen Johnson’s younger brother. I think Karen would be joining you in these wonderful long journeys you’ve been making. Enjoy and be safe!

    1. nancyhikes Post author

      Sam, you made my day. Thanks for contacting me. I think of Karen so often and especially when I am doing stuff like this. I know I would be chasing her all over the place. I would love to hear how you and your girls are doing. And how did you find my blog?


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