After Trail Travels Part 1. 28 March 2016.

After Trail Travels Part 1. 28 March 2016.

Stewart Island didn’t turn out as I had planned.


I walked out to Bungaree Hut through way too much mud and viewless forest. Of all the walking in New Zealand that was my least favorite. And now I was adding on more of it! Why?


The hut was in a beautiful setting overlooking a beach.


I had the hut to myself when I went to sleep. A young Austrian was there when I woke up. He got there at 11 pm and I never heard him. I am a sound sleeper!


The 2nd day I walked 2 hours to the next beach and contemplated walking 4 more hours to the next hut.


I knew I was done. My body needs rest. I went back to Bungaree Hut. I was joined there later by Apoline who had also turned around. We made a fire and talked.

I went back to Invercargill to figure out what to do next. I sort of rushed thru the TA so I would have time to walk the “better” parts of NZ. But now my body wants none of that. I have no choice but to listen.

I took the bus to Dunedin and stayed a few nights. Dunedin is a great city and Hogwarz Backpackers where I stayed was great. Other TA walkers were there. They were also too tired to do much.  I went to the library and read a book.


Andy and E are friends of a friend and invited me to recover at their home in Fairlie. It was heaven. They had just gotten back from working in Antartica. Another Antartica couple was also visiting. It was great to hear their stories, eat, sleep and sit.


E and me

The weather has not been great since I finished in Bluff. I know that has contributed to my lack of motivation. I am all about the views and the rain just hides them.

5 thoughts on “After Trail Travels Part 1. 28 March 2016.

  1. Carol Orbeck

    So happy to get this post, Joe and I were just talking about how we missed them. Plus, we wanted to know how you were doing. Take care and rest up. Enjoy the beautiful part of the world you’re in.

  2. Eric Bow

    Sorry that your experience on Stewart Island didn’t mirror mine. From hearing about your muddy slog to Bungaree, it may have been a very good choice to turn back. I’d heard about some knee deep suck pits along some parts of the trail, but must have been very lucky with the timing because apart from a few slick spots and ankle deep squishers most of the trail was fairly dry and firm and the path on the first day out to Bungaree was the driest of the lot!! Rest up and eat up. Thanks so much for all the photos and posts. It was great to see the trail again from another point of view.


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