Day 118. Zero on a Dairy Farm. February 28, 2016.

Day 118. Zero on a Dairy Farm. February 28, 2016.

The day started early when I went with Allison to get the cows from the paddock to the milking shed. Their son-in-law, Matt, runs the farm now and he met us at the milking shed. Together they efficiently moved the cows thru the process of hooking up the suction cups to the teats, then unhooking them and repeating with the next row of cows. Matt grew up outside Waitomo and he knows John and Clare, who own the other dairy farm I was a guest at. What a small world.



View from the milking shed. Worth getting up early for.

Today was a gorgeous sunny day with no wind. Lindsay and Allison drove me over to Curio Bay. We walked along the beach. A bunch of Hector’s Dolphins were playing in the surf. It was such a treat to watch them.





I had a show and tell with my lightweight gear. Lindsay has always been interested in lightening his pack weight but this stuff isn’t readily available in NZ. There is nothing like getting to see and feel the stuff.


Allison made another great dinner to end a wonderful day off the trail. Thank you both so much.

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