Day 117. What a Difference A Day Makes. February 27, 2016.

Day 117. What a Difference A Day Makes. February 27, 2016.

24 km

Lower Wairaki Hut 2817 to Struan Flat Rd km 2841

For the 3rd time I walked the trail between the hut and Telford Tops. It was almost calm on top. There were gusts but nothing like yesterday. Today was definitely the best day out of the last 3 to be hiking this ridge.




I kept checking for cell phone coverage and finally got it. Lindsey and Allison had gotten my Delorme message but for some reason they weren’t able to reply even though they had been able to send me a message another time. It’s so frustrating to have technology that only sort of works. But at least they knew I wasn’t walking out yesterday. They drove out and walked out toward me. They live on the other side of Invercargill so we stopped in town so I could resupply. I think I just missed a bunch of hikers that finished today…. Brett, Sean, Arno, Bloody Mary.

Lindsey and Allison live on a Dairy farm. I took an awesome shower and then was fed a great dinner (called tea here.) Lucky me!

4 thoughts on “Day 117. What a Difference A Day Makes. February 27, 2016.

  1. Tony

    Hi Nancy, We have watched you at every step and want to congratulate you when you finish. Only we won’t be there. So when you finish think of us clapping and welcoming you to the end! Email us if you come to Napier! Happy travels. Kind regards, Joanna and Tony

  2. bkeill

    Love the photos of the sky. So glad you are not getting blown over! Almost there, girlfriend! I too wish I could be at the finish line to cheer you in.

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