Day 114. Takatimu Track.  February 24, 2016.

Day 114. Takatimu Track.  February 24, 2016.

22 km
Princhester Rd km 2782 to Aparima Hut km 2804

Since I am not a wimp and I want to walk I left town today. And it didn’t rain until 7:30 pm when it rained for about 10 minutes. A rainbow formed because the sun was out. It was perfect hiking temperature. I hope I get this lucky tomorrow.

After a 6 km gravel road walk the track went into the forest.


Easy, fast walking.

It was a pretty good track. All the things that slow me down were there…. steepness, roots, mud, narrow off-camber trail. But all this just seems normal now. The beech forests of the South Island have been way easier than the North Island forest tracks. The track would alternate between forest track and tussock bashing. I hate the tussocks. The grass is head height, I can’t see my feet or the dirt and there are often holes between the tussocks. It’s like postholing in snow. I am surprised I haven’t sprained my ankles or knees yet. Often the orange poles are half the height of the tussocks so you can’t see them.  I cruised along at 6 hours for 17 kilometers.






Since I got to the hut at 5 there was no question about going on to the next hut.

Katie, Mike, and Max from Seattle are here. I’ve met them a few times before but this is the first time I’ve really talked to them. We had fun comparing the PCT to the TA. They really shouldn’t be compared.

Marianne from Reunion Island is staying in the adjacent older hut. She is hiking nobo. Nick from Canada just showed up. The hut has 8 bunks. We have 5 people here. Not bad. There are only 2 more huts on the TA before the end. I will miss them.


The "new" hut


Inside the new hut


The old hut

2 thoughts on “Day 114. Takatimu Track.  February 24, 2016.

  1. bkeill

    Hey Nancy, I continue to be amazed and fascinated by your adventure in New Zealand. Love the pictures. Will send you an email tomorrow and update you on life in Gold River. Not nearly as scintillating as yours! Miss you. Love, Bobbie


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