Day 105. Highland Creek Hut. February 15, 2016.

Day 105. Highland Creek Hut. February 15, 2016.

31 km
Wanaka km 2594 Highland Creek Hut km 2625

I walked out of Wanaka at 7:30. The trail follows the lake for a couple hours.



I caught up to Brett (because he waited for me) at the Glendhu campground about 15 km into the day.


We walked together to the first hut for lunch. There is actual trail here! And even some switchbacks. And views. And plenty steep. It’s awesome.


Brett wanted to go farther than I wanted to so he took off after Jack Hall’s Saddle.



I am at the Highland Creek Hut which is a really nice hut. Sleeps 12 and there are 3 of us here. Alex from Russia and Aaron from Australia. Aaron is nobo and gave me some good info for the rest of the TA.


It’s supposed to rain tomorrow. I hope the forecast is wrong again.

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