Day 102. Magnificent Views on Breast Hill. February 12, 2016.

Day 102.  Magnificent  Views on
Breast Hill. February 12, 2016.

33 km
Stodys Hut km 2548 to Albert Town km 2581.

I heard a mouse in the night. That’s the first one in all the huts I have stayed in.

I left the hut first at 7:30. I was back on a 4 wheel drive track. Fresh legs, cooler temps and nice grade. The views of the snow capped Southern Alps kept getting better and better. 


I got to the top with a gorgeous view of Lake Hawea and surrounding mountains. I was up there first and had a while to myself.



Then Kevin showed up. He is from Austria and is hiking Queenstown to Nelson. Then the 4 I shared the hut with last night arrived and added some creative silliness to the day. 




Walking down to Pakahuti Hut for lunch was pretty easy with wonderful views the whole way. Bloody Mary and Dain were at the hut.

When I was on top Brett had texted me “have fun on the downhill!” I found out what he meant. And, yes, it can get steeper! It was incredible. Up and down steep rocky hills. So much up to get down. I could see a road in the valley to the left. It would have been easier but I’m so glad the TA takes the goat track up and down with these magnificent views.



Follow the track... up and down...

Once I got near the town of Lake Hawea I stopped for a swim in the lake. I had lots of dirt and sweat I needed to get off my body.


So nice to be clean

I ate a  sandwich at the cafe before I started the 12 km bike trail river walk. I caught up to Bloody Mary and Dain who had just taken a swim break at the river and we walked the rest of the way together.

I am now camping with Bloody Mary and Dain at the DOC campsite by the river. It’s so nice out that we are cowboy camping (no tents!)


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