Day 101. Can it get any steeper? February 11, 2016.

Day 101. Can it get any steeper? February 11, 2016.

27 km

Farm track after Birchwood carpark km 2521 to Stodys hut km 2548.

It was a perfect night of sleep. Perfect temperature and a slight breeze to keep away the condensation.


I started walking at 7:30 up towards the mountains I could see from my tent. The 4 wheel drive road was perfectly graded for a nice climb. 2 hours up, then 2 hours down to Top Timaru Hut.


Getting closer


Martha's Saddle


I love it up here


Then down to the Timaru River

On the way down I met 2 nobos who said the track after the Top Timaru Hut was steep up and down, rocky, narrow, slippery and in the trees so no views. They said I should just walk in the river for at least 5 km.  I forgot to ask if they had actually done that or at least talked to someone who had.

I know exactly why they said walk the river. The track was brutal. But since I had no idea if the river had waterfalls or deep pools I stayed the course on the track.


Nice chairs

I finally got to the turn for Stodys Hut. 2 km with an estimate of 1.5 to 2 hours. When I see that kind of time and distance I know it’s going to be hard. It was. Straight up. It’s not flat or boring today!

Now I’m in the hut. It’s old. Dirt floor but has been somewhat refirbished. There were 4 when I got here and 2 more just showed up. It’s a full house. There are places for tents but I’m too lazy.


Martin, Gile (sorry, I can't say or spell your name correctly) and Sarah.

2 thoughts on “Day 101. Can it get any steeper? February 11, 2016.

  1. Flore

    Ahaha, I remember all too well the climb to Stodys hut. It’s a great illustration of the word “STEEP”. I am so enjoying reading your blog, it’s very quite at my work now, so It’s perfect to read you and escape from my office, at least mentally!


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