Day 43. River Day 3. December 15, 2015.

Day 43. River Day 3. December 15, 2015.

32 km
Mangawaiiti Campsite to Ngaporo Campsite at km 1278

The river wound through more narrow canyons. Yesterday we saw at least 100 wild goats on the sides of the river. Today there were none. Goats are pests here and are killing many of the native trees.

There weren’t any rapids today. But there were jet boats to bring people to the trail up to The Bridge to Nowhere. Attempts to settle this area started after WW1. Steep terrain, mudslides and remoteness made things difficult. The government built a bridge in 1941 (I think that’s the date) but by then most people had left the area. But the bridge still stands and is now a tourist attraction.


Securing our boats before walking to Bridge to Nowhere




Time to leave. Too many boats arriving.

We got there right after a jetboat had unloaded a big group so the bridge was crowded when we got there. They did provide some entertainment when they had a sack race across the cement bridge. I like my way of seeing the country so much better.

The campsite was the best yet and we got there early enough to enjoy it.




MLD Trailstar holds lots of people

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